Thursday, February 24, 2011


My eldest lil' princess........ADRIANA SOFEA. 5 years n 9 months, a taurus sister. She's very sweet, independent, patience, shy, caring, loving, mature compare to her age and a bit reserve lil lady. She's very helpful in taking care of Aisyah and Adam.

My 1st ever day in school... And this is The Pineview Elementary School, Tallahassee, Florida.
  • My class : kindergarden
  • M class teacher: Ms Baker
  • My ESOL teacher: Ms Chang
  • My school hours: 8.30am- 2.50pm.
So, I have to wake up earlier compare to my previous days..... Adriana loves school very much and cant wait to go to school even during weekend. what a nice system & environment they have..:)

The first ulcer in the mouth due to bad weather. Miss a day to school to fever & bad mouth ulcer

Her new bike and first day in 2 wheels bike. And she managed to ride it on her very 1st day! Good job dear....

3rd month

In the blink of an eye, more than 2 months gone. Only few months left for me to spent my full time with my hubby, Adriana, Aisyah and Adam.. For these 62 days, so many new wonderful things happened & gave me new experience:
1. learn to take care and manage of the 2 lil' princesses and a lil' prince. Oppss.. and 1 big king in da house.
2. learn to cook for every single meal. Compulsory-Breakfast, Adriana's food, Lunch & Dinner. Most evenings, I served tea for the hungry folks...
3. In malaysia, most days, we ate either outside or in Seremban (mom's house). And weekend, either in Nilai (MIL' house) or outing. So here, I learn new recipes and apply my cooking skill... lucky the king and lil' princesses can eat anything under the sky.. hehehehe.......
4. learn to update my blog n fb..