Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Adam Hariz

Alhamdulillah... Adam Hariz, my third child and the only son was born on Sept 28 2010. He was born at Columbia Hospital by Dr Intan.

My first day in this world... 3.2 kg with 50cm height. cute, hairy, tanned lil boy exactly like ayah.

My first tooth at 3 month old and going to be my first tooth to tooth fairy...

My first roll over at 3 months old.. This is my favourite 'tilam' to rest.

Adam's first smile with his new teeth... I already have 6 teeth on my 6 month birthday!

My first solid food at 5 months 3 wks; rice porridge + salmon/ anchovy+ spinach+ fruit= Adam's meal and he has it three times a day without miss.

My evening walk with my family. 6 months with 9.5kg and 28".

"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about"\

6th month in Florida

Time flies...We have been here for 6 months, from Winter, Spring and now is Summer. And 6 months more to go before we (my hubby and I) go back to our routine hectic days. After spending my full time with family esp my growing kids here, sharing all the good, bad, precious moments with them, thinking of quitting my job and pay full attention to my family, especially my little ones. " You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once"...

You only can see them grow once. I believe, in bringing up children, we need to spend on them half as much money and twice as much time. I feel a bit regret before due to pay too much attention to my career instead of my little princesses. Now I realize that they really need my presence, not my presents. Luckily, they stayed with their Wan and Atok who gave them full attentions and love.

These are few moments we captured during our stay here...

Our outing time at Governors Square...

Our must-go weekend activity, FLEA MARKET. I love it so much... There, you can find everything under the sky, just name it. I like most -their valuables collectibles, house decorations and kids' toys.

Our alumni Village safety campaign by Tallahassee Police Department. They give away free helmet for children, safety gadgets and road safety talk.

We threw small birthday party for Adriana's on May 14 2011 at our house. Invited neighbours and Adriana's friend.