Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holiday trips

Terasa nak berbahasa pulak kali ni. Sekarang tengah summer break for hubby and Adriana until mid August. We just came back from few holiday trips. Atlanta, visiting my sister in law and Florida tour with Amir and family.
We went to Atlanta for 5 days and it took approximately 4 hours journey to get there. In Atlanta, we stayed at Kak Fify's condo. We went to CNN world headquarters tour, the biggest aquarium in the world; Atlanta Aquarium, Atlanta Zoo, Coke Museum, Olympic Park, Fern Bach and North Georgia Premium Outlet. We were so lucky because the condo is in the middle of the metropolitan city, so near to the attraction centers. So, takdelah penat sangat traveling here n there to catch up thing.
Paling syok in Atlanta is about food. Sempat makan karipap pusing, maggi goreng etc at Kak Fify's house. We also went to Indonesian restaurant, Batavia and Malaysian cuisine, Penang restaurant. At Batavia, nasi campur style. hmmm... At Penang, we ordered laksa penang, nasi goreng ikan masin, satay, cendol. Hilang sekejap rindu kat Malaysian food. Yang paling tak boleh lupa is when we went to Kak Fazi's house. Nasi ayam, bandung soda, bubur pulut hitam, kuih
(tak ingat). Memang menjilat jari. Kalau ikutkan hati, nak je habiskan seperiuk nasi..... Siap dapat bekal cup cakes, bubur, daun pandan and bunga kantan. Thank you Kak Fazi, Abg Zaid and family for your first class hospitality.. We really appreciate it.