Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Malaysia Oh Malaysia

Finally we are here, Malaysia!!! Actually, it has been 3 months ++ since we touched down. Busy with everything; cleaning the house, visit family & friends, kids schooling, adapting/ adjusting local environment, unloading & unpacking the 170 boxes from cargo etc.

My unpaid leave ended last March..huhu.. dont know when will i get this opportunity again. SAHM for 1. 5 years, the precious moment ever. Now, i'm back to work, in KL. wake up early in the morning, nenen my Adam, ready for work, travelling for about 1.5-3 hrs journey, doing work( hmm...still need time for this working momentum), come back with the same journey, reach home, shower, lil chat with Adriana & Aisyah, rushing for dinner and sleep. What a hectic day! huh! i only have weekend to spend full day with them. Should i change the job to be near/ closer to them? I really miss our valuable time that we spent with family there......

Our journey home: from Tallahassee to North Carolina(1 hr)- 2 hrs break- North Carolina to Los Angeles (7 hrs)- 2 hours break- LA to Taiwan (16 hrs)- 1 hour break- Taiwan to Malaysia (11 hrs). I considered it as a very tiring non stop flight travelling with 1 yr old Adam, 4 yrs old Aisyah and 6.5 yrs old Adriana, my hubby and I. Btw, my gratitude to the crew members for their assistance.

Adriana; the next day after we touched down, she need to register for her std 1 in one of the best school in Paroi, Seremban (thats what people claimed). She was so excited to go and we went to buy her school uniform and accessories on the same nite we touched down. So, Adriana, my hubby and I went for suaikenal day. we went for briefing purposely for std 1 parents/ students for about 1.5 hours from all the pengetua, guru pen kanan 1, guru pen kanan 2, and related gurus which I considered as non value add activity. The kids were so excited for their 1st day school, were briefed about non related issues or what i observed was they don't get it at all. Their energy dropping down with the lengthy 'ceramah'. The school should/ may give the handouts to parents to read about the school background, do's & don'ts etc, instead of giving lectures to 6+ yrs old children. Then, we went to the classroom for the registration and paid for almost RM 200 for 'so called free yuran' which we dont get it too. Then, class members introduction. Some of them were still shy and timid to introduce themselves, been forced to say it out loud. Did the teacher has the empathy about the lonely kids on their 1st day at school? Suddenly, the class teacher shouted to the kids to keep quiet. Astaghfirullah... What kind of attitude of malaysian, muslim teacher to show to the parents and kids? I felt goose bump when I saw that. Is these kind of behaviors from the teacher in one of the best school in Seremban, then, what about others? It was totally different from the school that Adriana attended in Florida. No need to described about the system, security, even the non muslim teachers behavior were superb . There, she was super duper very excited to go to school everyday. And here, was crying to go home on her very 1st day at school. Luckily, my unpaid leave was still long, and managed to send and fetch her to/from school by myself and trying to motivate her about the school. Few times I went to see her teacher, asking about her development. The ignorance teacher keep rushing to go to canteen as she said " maaf ye, saya ada 20 mins utk rehat". Then, I asked her email and contact no as the practice in Florida so we can keep in touch between teacher-parent. Again she replied " maaf, kami tak dibenarkan utk memberikan contact no/ email direct to parents. Apa2 puan tanya pejabat sekolah.' what the excuses again. I think if i ask the contact no for tuition, definitely she'll give, including her home address. Thanks teacher for that courtesy you gave. Now, after 3 months in school, when I ask her the best thing about her current school is only 'kedai buku'. And now, what I can say is just praying for my lil princess and her success.....

Our principle about the learning and school is ' You should learn how to live a life now and hereafter' instead of focusing on academic excellence alone. That's why we don't really push and force Adriana and Aisyah to extremely focus on books, homework and tuition. Like some parents who send their kids for tuition in std 1. kesian the kids. From school to kafa to tuition to mengaji. When will the kids have their own personal time, relax time, playing with siblings/ friends and sport's time? They wont able develop the social behavior esp with family members.

Stop and enough of comparing things. We only been there for about 1.5 years, and will spend the rest of our life here...I need to be positive about life here, in MALAYSIA. Tanah tumpahnya darahku...

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